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Why choose a candid wedding photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day that you’ll always remember, and one that you will cherish forever. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right wedding photographer to capture all of the special moments that make up your wedding day. While there are many different types of wedding photographers to choose from, one of the best choices you can make is to choose a candid wedding photographer.

But first, what is a Candid Wedding Photographer?

A candid wedding photographer will take natural, unposed photographs of you and your guests throughout the day. They will capture the small moments that make your wedding unique, such as your mother wiping away a tear during your vows, or your guests laughing and dancing during the reception or you and your partner simply sharing a hug during the cocktail hour of the wedding. By choosing a candid wedding photographer, you’ll have a beautiful collection of photographs that will tell the story of your day in a way that no posed or staged photographs ever could.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose a candid wedding photographer for your special day:

1. Candid photos are more natural and authentic.

When you choose a candid wedding photographer, you’ll get photographs that are more natural and authentic than posed photographs. Candid photos capture the true emotions and personalities of you and your guests, as opposed to staged photos that can sometimes look forced or artificial. Candid photographs are also less likely to feel dated or cheesy in the years to come, making them a timeless reminder of your wedding day.

2. You’ll have more creative and unique photographs.

Candid wedding photographers are often more creative and artistic than traditional photographers. They have a talent for capturing unique and interesting shots that reflect the personality of the couple and the vibe of the wedding. Candid photographers are always looking for new and creative ways to capture the moments of your day, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

3. You’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Many people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, especially when they’re being posed or staged. When you choose a candid wedding photographer, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable because you won’t be constantly posing or trying to look perfect. Your photographer will be there to capture the real moments of your day, and you can focus on enjoying yourself and the company of your loved ones. They might guide you, or prompt you, to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. For example, they might say “can you show me your first dance” or “tell your new wife 5 things you love about her”. This gets you both interacting and moving naturally without having to pose or stage you.

4. Your photographs will be more memorable.

Candid photographs have a way of capturing the emotions and memories of a moment that posed photographs simply can’t match. When you look back on your wedding photographs, you’ll be transported back to the moment and the feelings of joy and love that you experienced on your special day. Candid photographs are often the most memorable and cherished photographs of a wedding.

5. You’ll get a complete story of your day

When you choose a candid wedding photographer, you’ll get a complete story of your day from start to finish. Candid photographers capture the details of your wedding, from the getting ready process to the ceremony to the reception. They’ll capture all of the important moments and all of the little details that make your wedding unique.

6. You’ll have a more personal connection with your photographer

Candid wedding photographers often develop a personal connection with their clients because they’re capturing real moments and emotions. They’ll be there to witness some of the most intimate and emotional moments of your day, and they’ll be there to celebrate with you. You’ll feel like you’re working with a friend, and that personal connection will shine through in your photographs.

7. You’ll get photographs that reflect your unique style and personality

Candid photographs have a way of capturing the unique style and personality of the couple and the wedding. Candid photographers will work with you to understand your vision for your wedding and your personal style, and they’ll capture photographs that reflect that style and personality. Your wedding photographs will be as unique as you are.

In conclusion, choosing a candid wedding photographer is an excellent choice for couples who want natural, authentic, and memorable photographs of their special day. Candid photographs capture the true emotions and personalities of you and your guests


If you need a candid wedding photographer in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place! At Luminous Moments, I’m all about capturing the memories you’ll never forget with my relaxed, editorial and candid photography style.

As an experienced wedding photographer in Sydney,  my goal is to capture you and your loved ones in their realest moments. Whether that’s capturing your partner shedding a tear as you walk down the aisle or Uncle Bob shredding up the dance floor. I’m here for it all! I’m able to make people feel comfortable, encouraging everyone to laugh and have fun. I will occasionally provide some subtle direction when it’s needed, otherwise, I’ll be a complete fly on the wall. By forming a personal connection with you and your guests, I’m able to deliver dynamic, one-of-a-kind photographs that will take your breath away. At the end of the day, capturing candid, raw emotion in a single frame is one of my hidden talents and I find myself most inspired when capturing love that melts the hearts of everyone in the room.

You can see some of these beautiful photographs for yourself by checking out the portfolio section here! If you have any questions about my photography services or are interested in booking me for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information and a detailed price guide. Looking forward to chatting to you soon!

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